Business Environment Council (BEC)

GreenBird platform supports the successful roll out of the Intelligent Resources Management Program for BEC which collects waste data from 200 sites to generate benchmarking statistics for different sectors of Commercial, Residential and School sectors.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

GreenBird platform is adopted by its Sustainability Department to collect waste information to conduct their project to reduce waste and increase recyclables. Resolution of data source is captured to the level of office departments, different zones of dormitories and building blocks.

Swire Properties Management Group

A pilot project has been successfully completed to collect waste data from its commercial buildings. They have rolled out the program to provide waste data to its tenant with details of waste data per day, per week and per month.

Environmental Protection Department

GreenBird Platform with our Smart Scale (Pallet Truck) is adopted in 2 projects under Environmental Protection Department to collect waste data from 24 public estates and 4 government offices in different regions of Hong Kong. The project is managed by BEC.